Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's going on..

So I am sure this blog has not been very interesting lately as there has not been much activity.
If you have followed the Myspace blog at all then you may know that this program had to be put aside for awhile for financial and resource reasons which frustrated me becuase I felt like it really never even got the chance to get started. While I am not able to have the creative reuse center with loads of raw materials and workshops that I hope to have one day I realize that maybe there are still some resources I have that I can share with others without letting my home become this overcrowded storage facility for materials waiting for a home, which by the way is no longer even an option, nor is my overcrowded storage space. Somehow this project let my attept to not have people waste become me being a home for other clutterbugs, clutter. I totally get what these folks that absolutely save everything are about and I do want to help them find a place for their items that they think are useful for something, that wasn't exactly what I was going for when I started this. I do want to be a raw materials resource one day where teachers and artists , decorators,and individuals can get low cost and free goods and I have been able to help a few people out in getting them some goods but I guess what I wasn't expecting was the large volume of actually food container refuge and scraps of paper people were going to pile upon me. I did get some great fabric and yarn donated at times which I was able to find homes for much of it(although the volume I received versus the volume that needed it did not always balance out, so i had to pay to store it). Anyway back to the actual food garbage. The great thing about most food containers is that they can be recycled and most of our state is capable of collecting it and recyling it thanks to companies like Midland recyle and Recycle America who both have facilities in Oklahoma. And paper can be recycled too! and the cool thing about this program is that you can help raise money for schools and churches by recycling your papergoods in their containers.
So why am I going on and on about recycling rather than creative reuse you may be asking.. well this is of course just my opinion but here goes.. I totally want to teach and inspire creative reuse with these(especially plastic which isn't much better being recycled becuase of the toxins it disperses) containers and scraps that people want to reuse and we have had many workshops. And I love the people that are good at getting as much use out of containers and then still recyle afterwards. Unfortunately though, what happens to most of these things and scraps that folks hold onto just hoping that one day they can find a use for every bit of it is that it becomes unhealthy clutter which isn't really much better for you or the world. Totally find uses for what you can but go ahead and recycle the rest becuase even creative reuse centers can only find uses and homes for so many soup cans, baby food jars, and plastic conatiners. Okay so back to plastic. I hate it and undertand why it is used so much but still don't accept that it is used so much. I know lots of groups are trying to find nontoxic ways to recycle it but in my opinion we should still avoid it when possible. Currently it is actual illegal to recycle it in many states(including Oklahoma-yey) becuase it releases toxic fumes into the air during the recycling process and even though the state collects it they actually just compress it and then sell these "bricks" of it off to other states who are willing to process it. So that is how that works, but yey at least it didn't go to the landfill right? It is such a hard choice for people with plastic and I hate it. All I can suggest is don't use it. You shouldn't be having that processed or fake organic food that it is holding anyway-go to your local farmers market or grocery and get fresh goods that you place in your own bag rather than those overused plastic bags at the store( I mean you are going to wash the stuff before you eat it anyway so why are we using those plastic produce bags?) AND WATER BOTTLES ARE A BIG WASTE. Use an aluminum reusable water bottle(not plastic reusables becuase as soon as they sit in the sun for any amount of time they heat up and release toxins in to your drink). If you have to drink soda at least use a glass or aluminum can as both of these products are continually recyclable and processing them doesn't cause harm like with plastic.
Anyway I could go on and on about better recycling when hey shouldn't this blog be about creative reuse you say...
My whole point I guess is overexplaining why I can't store your food container waste when this is something that anyone can find anywhere and already has a place to go and be recylcled. What I am hoping to create or build is a place for these still useful goods that don't necessarily have a place to go and be recycled but that would still be useful to artists/builders/decorators and teachers. These are things that really take up space in dumps like textile waste, furniture and architectural salvage(which yes do have many places to go like Habitat and antique stores) but yet still end up on the side of the road and in dumps, have used cans of paint(that havent' gone yucky bad), old game pieces and cards and puzzles that might be missing a piece, and so much more.
So unfortunately until I have a facility most of the program is on hold but we will be teaching a few workshops and when I can salvage goods, I have been creating little fun assemblage and ephemera kits that are available at a few locations around town for sale(all proceeds go to my saving up for a space and facility) and I still dumpster dive as much as I can creativily reuse myself and put back out for sale and use to the public but space and time are limited so this is it for now.
However I want to encourage folks to do the same so I will soon turn this blog into more of an online list of resources so folks know where to get good bargains or free goods around town that will help to inspire their creative endeavors.
so there is your update, sorry for the delay on blogging and sorry if I have let you down on getting this program of the ground. I unfortunately still have to work and make a living and well...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Supply Wish List..

Occasionally we get folks looking for specific items or having specific materials to donate which allows us to make trades. Currently we have a couple groups looking for the following materials for their charitable projects:
*Crochet Thread and Lightweight Cotton fabrics- These are for a church group in Mustange that makes quilts for babies in need and for firemen to use for cozy wraps when pulling scared citizens and kids out of danger.
*Pompoms, felt, and pipecleaners- This is for our free make and take station we will be offering to kids and adults during Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar
*Chipboard- we have a couple of starving artists who utilize recycled chipbooard into journals and other decorative gift items. Chipboard can be recycled from multiple sources , but most commonly from the back of notepads and spiral notebooks that you may have normally just tossed when done with the paper.

Thanks for support and please let us know if you might have any of these materials available for donation or if you yourself have materials you are looking for that we may be able to post on our wishlist and find for you.

House of Craft and upcoming events.

Although we do not have home at this time we are sponsoring and hosting several events in the upcoming months and working to get our raw materials exchange in action a bit more even if it be on a smaller level.While we still have no storage for materials we will continue to have the occasional opportunity to get low cost and free materials and the opportunity for folkks ot donate materials directly to groups in need. Here is what we have planned for December 2008:

Dec 6th- Deluxe Indie Craft Holiday Bazaar- We are sponsoring this event under the name of House of Craft and will be providing recycled supplies to a adult and kid's make and take station that will have different artists and crafters teaching folks creative ways to make their own holiday decorations and such. Some supplies we are seeking for this event are pompoms, felt , and pipecleaners.This event has free admission and the make and take station will be free also.
Anyone who thinks they might have any of the supplies needed to donate can contact Stephanie at

Dec 12th- This is our regular second Friday in the Plaza District called Live on the Plaza. For this months event we will be hosting a Santa's Recycled Toy Lab featuring the opportunity for adults and kids to create new toys, art, and robots from salvaged toy and game pieces. Kids under 12 must have a parent with them as we can not be responsible for child care. The event will cost $3-$5 and will include all supplies. At this time it looks like it will be located inside the House of Craft workspace in Bad Granny's Bazaar located at 1739 NW 16th St and will run from 6-10PM.
While we will not be able to handle receiving and sorting materials during the event, if folks would like to donate any broken toys, games with missing pieces(especially wooden or items like Dominoes) or any other sort of creative materials to make fun recycled gifts and toys , they can contact Stephanie at to schedule a pick up or drop off donation at Bad Granny's Bazaar any Thurs prior to the event.

In addition to these events we do have some low cost recycled materials available for purchase in our booths at both Rink Gallery and Bad Granny's Bazaar. The materials and priced way under cost and handy to many craft and art styles. All the proceeds from sales of these materials goes to our program and allows us to sponsor and supply free materials at events and to groups in need.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Call to indie crafters and artists...

Every 2nd Friday of each month we are part of an event called Live on the Plaza down in the historical Plaza District at 16th St and Gatewood. Lots of folks come down and check out the free entertainment and browse and buy from local artists. For the month of July we will have our indie craft market set up out on the wide sidewalks which means there is LOTS of room for indie crafters and artists to join in the fun. The fee to set up is only $10 and the items you are selling must be handmade by you or by a local artist you might be representing, no market stuff please! Folks from the regional area are welcome to be a part of this too as our goal is to help up and coming indie crafters and artist get their goods out there and to create a fun community monthly art event. Our one suggestion if you are interested is that your prices be reasonable as the folks who have done the best have been the ones who carry a wide range of prices that appeal to all types( just think about what you would pay for it as many times other artists are our best customers!)
Anyway this is always a fun event and and inexpensive way to get your self out there! so if interested please contact us at . Also there is one storefront available for some artist to share who prefer a more "fine art" gallery setting to show art and if that is more up your alley then contact to try to get a spot there.The fee is the same $10.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Re:Fashion Show and Swap-O-Rama-Rama!!!

Swap-O-Rama-Rama Interest Meeting Tonight!

Anyone interested in helping out and being a part of this years swap should come to a meeting we are having at CocoFlow on Western Ave Thur May29th from 7pm-8pm. The booth spaces are full for Friday but we still may be able to fit a few more designers into the fashion show( contact Kelli at for fashion show info) . We still need a fashion show friendly DJ for the show and are looking for volunteers to help sort clothes on Sat and to help be sort of mingling creative inspiration to others.

Anyone who volunteers for this event will get first dibs on the donated clothing and craft supplies plus we will have a little gift bag for helpers.

So yeah come on out to the meeting if you are interested or contact Kelli or I for more info.

Thanks for the support,
Stephanie @ R.O.A.R

Friday June 13th 7pm-11 Refashion show , demos, and designer exhibit/sale during Live on the Plaza
Saturday June 14th SWAP-o-Rama-Rama creative reuse clothing swap and free DIY workshops

CALL TO ARTISTS - Design your own state flag!

Artists currently living in Oklahoma are invited to create a symbolic representation of their individual experience by designing a state flag for an Exhibition at City Arts Center ( Oklahoma City - State Fair Grounds).
Submissions may be in any media, 2-d or 3-d, and should be of moderate size ( suggested sizes are 18"x 30", or 24"x36", larger works will be considered, but space will be limited).
We especially encourage submissions by persons who may be considered "minority" voices, including but not limited to, women, Native Americans, spanish speakers, and immigrants from Asia. Artists working in fiber or textiles are also especially wanted.
Please respond as soon as you can to declare your interest in participating in this show. The Flags Exhibit will run concurrently with City Arts Center's "Our Town" exhibit exploring artists work about living in the Oklahoma City metro area.
Oklahoma Today magazine has expressed strong interest in publishing an exclusive feature on this exhibit. Hugh Meade and City Arts Center will work hard to promote this exhibit and generate sales for participating artists.
So consider your experiences here in Oklahoma and what kind of symbolic representation you might make of it. State seals or other "official" types of symbolic representations may be considered, as well, with preference given to flag designs.

contact HUGH MEADE : artifactor [at] earthlink [dot] net


This show will be co-curated by Hugh Meade with Clint Stone of City Arts Center.